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Ninja Warrior!

FUN class for all those looking for a challenge! This class offers cardio, strength, and core training designed to keep you fit, moving and engaged with a twist for agility! This unique class will offer specialty obstacle course equipment designed for this exciting and new training.

“Will use the coordination from gymnastics, martial arts discipline, strength and agility utilizing obstacle course training and creative movement. This is a very fast paced class that athletes will LOVE!”

Sign up through our Parent Portal! Classes will be broken down via age:
Li’l Ninja’s Ages 3-5
Ninja “blue” Ages 5-9
Ninja “red” (Advanced) Ages 5-9
Ninja Xtreme 1 Ages 10+

Ninja Xtreme 2 Middle School/Advanced Xtreme 1
Ninja Xtreme 3 High School/Advanced