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Class Cancellation/ Student Placement

Holiday Closing:

  • We close on major Holidays: Christmas Week (Christmas Eve-New Years), Easter, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving weekend.
  • Our classes are based on 4 classes per month.  You are not charged extra for months with a 5th class due to the number of days in the month.  When we close for holidays this evens out throughout the year.

Weather Cancellation Policy:

  • We DO NOT follow any particular school district as we draw members from over an hour away.
  • We rarely cancel due to weather conditions, unless weather is extreme.
  • Decision to cancel due to weather will be announced on answering machine.  Please call 434-525-4813 or sign up for our Remind program to receive instant message to phone.
  • Should Elite Athletics close due to weather conditions, make-up arrangement will be made.
  • We do not prorate month for missed classes.


      • Members who wish to withdraw from a class, must give the gym a 30 day written notice by filling out the “Class Withdrawal” form obtained from the gym. This needs to be done prior to dropping the class, otherwise you will be charged for the month.

Class Cancellation/Student Placement:

    • Elite Athletics reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment.
    • Elite Athletics reserves the right to replace instructors for any class at any time.
    • Elite Athletics reserves the right to place and move students.
    • Students must be evaluated to determine appropriate placement.
    • Elite Athletics reserves the right to cancel a student or family’s membership at any time.