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Elite Athletics Classes

Please check our class schedule for current listing of classes and/or log into our secure Parent Portal for current costs/days/times. Please check our Tuition/Payments area for general payment information.


 Elite Baby & Me (Infant – 18 months)

This class is designed to strengthen core, neck and back while increasing mobility, body awareness and language development. Your baby will learn to navigate the world safely through baby song, yoga, padded mats, ramps, tunnels and stairs with Mom and/or Dad safely guiding them. Parents will interact with their children in exploration, giggles and laughs with the guidance of a certified Elite coach.

Elite Toddler (Parent/Tot) (18 months- 3 Years)

This class offers age-appropriate lessons in movement education. Interaction between parents and children is encouraged through modified gymnastic apparatus and movement. Parents/guardians must remain with the group at all times and participate with their child. This class will be 45 minutes in duration.

Elite Tumbl’n Two’s (2 Year old’s)

A great way for your adventurous and active 2 year old to jump, climb, roll and tumble independently! This class will develop strength, coordination, body awareness, balance and language without Mom or Dad in tow. Children will explore utilizing our preschool sized equipment and various other apparatus guided by a professionally trained Elite coach. This is specifically geared towards active 2 year old’s that are self-reliant!

Elite Trampoline Tots (3-5 Year old’s)

This class is designed for the basics on floor, trampoline, and mini preschool style! For 45 minutes, athletes will learn the foundation of Trampoline & Tumbling. Handstands, cartwheels, round-offs on floor are a few skills students will acquire. Double mini and trampoline basics will be introduced.

Elite Preschool (3-5 Year Old’s)

This class focuses on movement education and games, using modified gymnastics apparatus designed for preschoolers. The developmentally appropriate progressions prepare the youngsters for the fundamentals of gymnastics. This class will also focus on following directions. We will incorporate pre-academic skills in each class. This class will run on 45 minute intervals with groups of 6.

Princess Tumblers (3-5 Year Old’s)

An exciting way for 3 to 5 year-old girls to learn is through games, drills, and music! This is a 45 minute class that will be split into two parts. The first half is spent on movements to build body awareness, while the second half focuses on age-appropriate tumbling skills. This class will include the use of props and music. It will be held in the dance room.

Hot Shots (3-5 Year Old’s)

This class is a progressive program for younger gymnasts. This class will improve flexibility, body awareness, and strength while preparing athletes with the skills they will need for Pre-Team. (Invitation Only)

 Elite “Ninja Zone”

This class offers cardio, strength, and core training designed to keep you fit, moving and engaged with a twist for agility! *Obstacle courses for Strength & Agility, *Flips, rolls, kicks, vaults, *Gymnastics Tumbling for Total Body Coordination. Will use the coordination from gymnastics, martial arts discipline, strength and agility utilizing obstacle course training and creative movement. This is a very fast paced class that athletes will LOVE! http://eliteathleticsva.com/ninja-zone/

Elite Home School

Experience physical fitness at a whole new level!  Having access to the entire use of the gym during day hours, girls and boys will enjoy challenging activities to improve strength, flexibility, speed, agility, balance, and coordination! With a wide variety of opportunities, our Home school individuals receive a significant discount on weekly class offerings. http://eliteathleticsva.com/homeschool/

 Elite Level 1

This class is designed to improve motor skills by introducing strength, flexibility and basic gymnastics skills, using all gymnastics equipment.

Elite Level 2

This class includes improvement of motor skills by introducing strength, flexibility and gymnastic skills. Previous gymnastics experience is required with instructor recommendation.

 Elite Tumbling A, B, C

This class will include strength and flexibility training while concentrating on tumbling skills and drills to improve form.  Classes will be separated based on ability and individual goals.

Elite Trampoline/Tumbling

This class will include strength and flexibility training while concentrating on tumbling skills and drills to improve form.  Classes will be separated based on ability and individual goals. (Coach recommendation needed)

Elite Pre-Team

This program is designed for the serious gymnast. Students work on skill perfection and on strength and flexibility. Students receive instruction following the guide lines of USAG. (This class meets twice a week – Invitation only)